20 Wacky And Weird Cars

The other day my friend sent me a photo of a car that looks like a hamburger. It got me wondering if there are more…
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jasminevillegas Sep 20, 2012

Hats For Fall 2012

nbsp; Hello everyone! Since fall is right around the corner, I decided to put together a gallery or some of my favorite hats for fall! Hats are a…
20 new pics
jasminevillegas Sep 20, 2012

Different Ways To Rock A Scarf This Fall

Summer is over and it is time to pull out the fall accessories and get back to layering. I will say that one of my…
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jasminevillegas Sep 13, 2012

Chuck Taylors Are Still In!

I feel like it has been forever since Chuck Taylors and Converse have come out and had their share of popularity amongst my generation alone…

American Flag Inspired Fashion

I feel like it has always been a trend to wear American flag themed clothes and accessories, but it has become such a huge trend…
jasminevillegas Sep 07, 2012

Cheap Jewelry That Looks Like It Costs A Fortune!

They say that a diamond is a girl's best friend, I feel like that is especially true if it also isn't a way over priced…
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jasminevillegas Sep 05, 2012

Animal Print And Mustaches?

Yup! I found an outfit that combines zebra print, accessories and a shirt with a mustache on it! Nothing could be more unique than that…

The Evolution Of Boy Bands

Music Lovers,  As we know music is always an evolving thing, it will continue to change with the times just like any other industry does. One…
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jasminevillegas Sep 04, 2012

Put A Little Pep In Your Step

I feel like the cartoon Spongebob has been around forever now. I think that it's a cartoon that you can somehow still find funny and…

The Best Of: VMA Performances

Music Lovers,  As you may know the VMAs are right around the corner! I always get excited to watch these for the fashion, the hilarious hosts…
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jasminevillegas Aug 31, 2012

Bringing The 80s Back

Hey guys,  So I feel like no matter what there will always be some sort of trend from the 80s that will creep its way into…

Music Inspired Fashion Part Two

I found another adorable music inspired outfit for you all!  Don't those boots look comfortable!?

Unique Backpacks For School!

Hey guys, I feel like one of the things you get for school that really does last all year is your backpack! I was looking online…
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jasminevillegas Aug 24, 2012

Love Or Hate: Insane Nail Art

So I posted about crackle nails before but what do you think of all that crazy nail art?! This was a really cool design I…

Want To Have The Coolest Locker At Your School?

Here are some really awesome locker decorations from a website called LockerLookz that I found! If you want to have a really cute, decorative locker…
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jasminevillegas Aug 23, 2012

My NY Mall Frenzy!

Hey guys I recently has a mall performance in NY and had to share all these awesome photos from it with you guys!!   I have the…
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jasminevillegas Aug 23, 2012

Dress Up Time

Every little girl seems to always like to play dress up so whose to say we can't do it when we are older right? Here is…


When I saw this outfit it put me in a good mood! Neon is such a fun way to brighten up your wardrobe! Would YOU wear…

Pink, Pink And More Pink!

I know I posted a pink and black outfit for my fashion post in the past but this one is also a favorite!! What do you…

Rafaello Rafaello!

Hey guys! I am excited to be going to NYC this week and I'm hitting up Gabriel the jeweler to try to get this dope necklace.     What…

Dorm Room Inspiration

Hey guys,  Going from high school to college is a big transition as it is, but what books to buy, what to wear and how to…
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jasminevillegas Aug 17, 2012

Love Or Hate: Crackle Nail Polish

Hey guys, SO I remember last summer the must have nail art trend was crackle nail polish, even Katy Perry came out with a line for…
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